Sister’s Bazaar

Sisters Bazaar is a small market with only three shops – a Bakery, a Grocery Shop and a Handicrafts Shop. But your visit to Landour is not complete without a visit here. Stop over for some homemade Peanut Butter, Jams & Cheese or simply a cup of Coffee


Experience Winterline

‘The Winterline", is a natural phenomenon visible only in few places in the world and among them are the Himalayan mountains of the northern region. The two unique locations in the world are Mussoorie and urn Valley in Switzerland. The winterline is visible from October till January. When the monsoon washes the sky and winter approaches, the beauty of this natural phenomenon can be experienced. At sunset, as the sun drops, the western horizon throws a full palate of shades from bright yellow, to the mixed red, orange, moving to the deeper purple and mauve. The backdrop is essentially a false horizon, a grey-mauve coloured strip and mixing with bright line of yellow and orange at the upper end of the strip.



Bespoke Pyrography plaques made on local Haldu wood by Amarjeet Kudle. All proceeds from this go towards the education of children in a rural school in Uttarakhand.
Natural Cosmetics & Organic health food from Kumaon – one can buy cosmetics, herbal infusions, seasonings and grains, that are free from chemicals, artificial colours and preservatives at La Villa Bethany. These are procured from SOS Organics, an NGO working with the Underprivileged in the heart of Uttarakhand. You would also experience their products in use here. For more information on their products and work you may visit their website


Purkal Stree Shakti

Purkal Stree Shakti (woman power), a division of The Purkal Youth Development Society, is a women empowerment program in rural India which aims to empower women artisans to create handmade quilts and textile handicrafts.With inspiration from India's colorful culture, the Stree Shakti artisans hand stitch quilt bed covers, silk comforters, children's quilts, baby quilts, handbags, and home accessories. Located close by on the Dehradun - Mussoorie road, a day excursion could be organised. All the quilts at La Villa Bethany are made by these women artisans. For more information on their products and work you may visit their


Himalayan Weavers

Located on Mussoorie - Dhanaulti Road is Himalayan Weavers which produces hand-woven shawls, stoles, scarves and throws using only natural dyes and wool, eri silk and pashmina. Their aim is to produce high quality handloom products, popularize the use of environmentally friendly natural dyes and provide a market for craft products made in the Himalayan region thereby generating local employment. Located only 8 kms away, a day excursion can be organised. For more information on their products and work you may visit their


Landour bazar

One can also shop for woollens and antiques in the Landour Bazar. Not to be missed on the shopping list are the custom made shoes available here